CompHAQ I: It Begins…

The Luggable Mainframe

I received the Compaq Portable I computer!!! Check out the photo album!

I ordered this as-is, expected to be POSTing and attempting to read disks… It arrived exactly in that condition and there really aren’t too many other issues with it. The ones I found are listed below.


  • The B: drive floppy latch it broken and the A: drive is not far behind it — i’ll either repair the originals or 3d print new ones.
  • Missing ISA rail
  • Monitor mounted slightly to the left (can see that the monitor casing had been opened before, so must assume it was repaired or replaced at some point.
  • Expansion RAM card (2MB) was severely warped, and might’ve been grounding out on the casing — I found that this was due to the card not being mounted properly in the ISA slot rail, and just removed it for now. It’s barely warped now that I’ve taken it out.

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