CompHAQ I: Parts List

The Luggable Mainframe

Well, I decided on parts that will help me accomplish the challenges. That didn’t take long.

Parts Group 1) The Cluster (“Mainframe”)

  • Dual Output 5V-24V, 68W Power Supply
  • NanoPi Fire3 LTS x 6
  • NanoPi passive CPU/RAM heatsink x 6
  • 25mm fan x 6
  • 6 x 16GB SanDisk SD cards

Parts Group 2) The Compaq-to-Cluster Serial Terminal Comm link

  • 8-bit ISA Serial card
  • MAX3232CPE x 1
  • 0.1 microfarad Capacitor x 5
  • Breadboard / Solder breadboard

Parts Group 3) Compaq Local Storage (to install MS-DOS)

  • 8-bit ISA->IDE->CompactFlash (XT-CF-Mini)
  • 32MB SanDisk Compact Flash card

Parts Group 4) Keyboard Rebuild

  • Capacitive (Mylar) Keyboard Keypads
  • Keyboard Key Puller Tool
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (to RetroBrite the keyboard keys)
  • Baking Soda (to use with toothbrush)
  • Soft Toothbrush (scrub the dirty case with the baking soda and water)

Parts Group 5) 3D-Printed Backplane / node modules (using Creality CR-10 Printer)

  • Hackbox 1.75mm Black Filament


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