Back in the Saddle Again

The Luggable Mainframe

I’ve been out of the loop for a bit getting another product released, so let’s get back to it. 🙂

CompHAQ I Status:

CF Card Incompatibilities:

  • I ebay’d like 6 different 64MB to 4GB CF cards, so hopefully one of these will work (the first SanDisk 32MB wasn’t recognized by the new XT-IDE bios)

Keyboard Rebuild Difficulties:

  • The keyboard still doesn’t work. 🙁 The problem is due to the rebuild foam inserts being too large.
  • Operation “Squish Them” has had a few iterations now, and is currently underneath a guitar case and some old consoles for weight.
  • I’m trying not to squish the pads too much, but honestly, they weren’t godawful expensive, so I can always get more if I destroy these… The stock parts aren’t as easy to replace, so I’m not terribly mad at myself for taking my time.
  • We’ll see how it goes. This time the keys are under weight with the pads inserted and everything else disassembled except for the board the keys are actually mounted on. I’m going to leave them under about ~20lbs of weight for 24-48 hours. I think this will work better than previous attempts where I didn’t have the keyboard fully disassembled.

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